sábado, 11 de febrero de 2017

Where I find myself.

I believe it is a blessing to know there is a place where you can run to when things get to overwhelming. In almost all the times in my life where I have been going through particularly challenging moments I have taken a big dip into my crafts, whether it may be knitting, weaving, painting or even cooking, it is definitely the place where breathing comes back to normal and fears are casted away. It somehow seems that the greater the stress the more I seek refuge in my crafts. 
These past two years have been quite a journey into introspection and self growth. I did not ask for it but like most things in life, circumstances just happen and all that is left is to deal with it all and try to keep upfloat. It amazes me that something as simple as handwork can make things clearer and easier to cope with. A few hours is all that it takes and then after you are done, you can keep on going with what you are expected and supposed to do. I know I am not saying anything new here, I am just stating that if a few hours of leisure handcrafting was all I needed before, after 2015 it went even further: it kept me literally sane. 
It is my wish that everybody does find and never let go of that place where all the noise of everyday life stops and is replaced by sometime of pure joy. It is like keeping a promise to your true self, precisely the place where you find yourself. 

domingo, 4 de octubre de 2015

It is Time.

I can't say that this one will be healed by time. Actually time will teach me how to keep on going and live. My best friend, the one person I have shared most of my life with, my favourite teacher, the oak tree I would hang on to when needed is no longer phisically next to me. She flew away like a little bird to Heaven taking with her a piece of my heart. It is four months now and again like I would do before, my needles have helped me recover my emotional balance. My mind being still stunned could not focus to much so I put aside those always challenging projects that I would love to work on to be replaced for some time by simple ones that would not challenge my already challenged mind. I have been knitting and crocheting easy shawls and scarves. This is a first one I finished in a joyful colored yarn to make me smile. It does make me smile. It is time to start posting again.

Rainy May

A very difficult month, where many things happened so fast. I did not touch my needles, hooks, loom, scissors, threads nor any fiber or yarn. A sad month for crafting, full of unfulfilled dreams. These are very challenging times.

jueves, 22 de enero de 2015

I am back again!

Well, "being back" is just a way of saying in this case that I took a little break as I virtually had no time to post here at all. I am at a new chapter in my life and like any new and exciting challenge, I barely had time for much else. I have certainly started the biggest adventure of my life and I am very happy!
So now things are starting to adjust little by little and coming back here to post and share my fiber related projects is always a happy thing for me to do.
I recently learned a new crochet tecnique that has caught my total attention and it is Tunisian Crochet. I took a course over "Craftsy" with Jennifer Hansen as the teacher and I am hooked. Above is a picture of my first project after crocheting small washcloths. I really like its results because it is my own design.
I am very happy to be back here as it can be quite motivational for me to write about what I love to do the most: create with fibers.

viernes, 28 de marzo de 2014

New projects.

Every time I hear the phrase "New Project" I get very excited. The perspective of starting a project that will offer numerous lessons and that will be part of my thoughts and dreams for a particular period of time up until I finish it is quite thrilling. There is nothing like the touch and smell of that first ball of yarn that will be your accomplice on that first step we knitters know as "casting on". Yes, you got it, I belong to those people who need diversity, who need to be working on more than one project because I tend to get easily bored if I am just working on one project at a time. Many times I have tried to "discipline" myself into just focusing on one project at a time only to discover that it will invariably end up piled in a knitting basket and neglected from time to time. So finally one day I stopped at trying to be someone I am not and gave in to the tuoe of knitter than I am. I never looked back: the whole giving myself the chance to cast on a new project and discover its initial magic is a lot of fun and eventhough it will perhaps take me a little longer to finish it as I am knitting several at one time, I always finish them and always remember how fun it is to work on them when I want! Are you like me? Don't ever stop your restless hands and somehow tie them if anybody tells you you need to "discipline" yourself. What matters is to have fun and enjoy your crafts, no matter if you are working on one or several, or if you finish one fast or take to long to cast off. Just enjoy it! 

viernes, 14 de marzo de 2014

Paper Dreams.

image by angorarabbit
image, a photo by angorarabbit on Flickr.

Very recently I went into my container of old patterns. I was looking for a particular sewing pattern and a great nostalgia invaded me. It had been a long time since I had opened that box and the memories of sewing projects with their many hours of studio work suddenly came to mind. I did not find the old Vogue Patterns sewing pattern that belonged to my mother, so I did a web hunt and found the way to chose a pattern, buy it and get it shipped to Mexico City, all done online. When I received it I was thrilled.
It is a new world indeed, I still recall back in my Mom's and Grandmother's time the Patterns section at the big department stores where huge books placed on large tables were available to chose as many sewing patterns as you wanted. All from Vogue, Mac Call's, Butterick, etc. I also remember the fabrics department next to the patterns one and the wide variety of notions needed for sewing. It was, in my tender childhood years, like walking into a wonderland. Little did I know then that many years later everything related with creativity done with fibers and fabrics would be my calling.
I am very happy with my new sewing pattern, nevertheless I can't help to long for those days with my grandmother and mom when the activity of sewing was part of life at many homes. It was not weird to know how to sew or knit, it was a respected craft. My generation was the very sad witness of the demise of the craft when department stores started cancelling the sewing pattern departments, then it was the fabrics departments and lastly the yarn departments. I was in my late twenties then, the time when I was launching my own fashion design business. Then it all shifted to the market of little fabric and yarn stores where obviously prices were and keep on being quite high.
Very recently I had to visit those small stores because now I need the fabric for my new pattern. It was fun but I still have nostalgia of those past days. I feel so very fortunate to have had that experience thanks to my grandma and mom.
Time to open my new pattern, what a wonderful feeling!