jueves, 29 de julio de 2010

A Great Month!

July was for me one of the best months of the year (and of so many other years). First, finally my dream of a new loom came true and I got one from my favourite brand and of my favourite size: a Colonial V2 floor loom from Leclerc. My congratulations to the company in Quebec, they provide the best of services! Here is Dolce posing infront of it. Oh, life is sweet!

Here is a picture of my mother and I celebrating our "Saint Day" (July 22nd) at a favourite italian place. My Mother looks wonderful, she is so special!

Here is a picture of my 12th project.........yes, I am bad. I have been trying to finish previous projects and have just started two more instead......anyway, two of the twelve are almost done, so I'll post about them very soon! :D

This other project is for my Mother and I am enjoying it a lot......still, if anyone is knitting it (featured on Interweave's Knits Fall 2009 issue) take note about a mistake I found on the "Berry-in-a-Box" pattern: Row 6 should read "dec5" instead of "dec4"

Happy Knitting You all and Thanks for stopping by!