lunes, 15 de julio de 2013

Life goes on.

Yes, whether you are ready or not, indeed life goes on. It has been a very challenging first half of the year for me but it gives me joy that certain things in my life remain in their usual comforting place and this is where knitting stands for me. Even at the most challenging of times knitting together with crocheting, weaving, drawing, etc. makes me reach my inner center peace so I can restart and retake life. Of course there are other parts of my life, like my faith, and especially family and friends who help, but I cannot forget the awesome feeling that certain crafts give to me.

Sometime ago I read an article regarding the healing aid that certain crafts, particularly knitting, provide to people who practice them. I know that I started knitting because my family doctor, after seeing how stressed I was during college, asked me if I knew how to knit. When I replied with a no he tempted me with his comment, "perhaps something to think about". Not long after that my Mom took me to get my very first stash of yarn for a short sleeved ribbed sweater that I had found instructions for in one of her very old knitting magazines.
I still remember that day, watching the big shopping bag with the chunky key lime pie colored balls of yarn with the right sized needles to start working on my very first knitting project. I could not wait and in fact I did not, as soon as we were home I started knitting the sweater. I do not think my Mom ever imagined that such day would be the start of many more that followed, and that eventually became years, of my love affair with knitting.
I never stopped and realized very soon that it became the right therapy, just like my family doctor hoped for, and so while going through many more pretty stressful moments in my life, I kept it close at hand. I have also seen that I tend to knit much more when I am more stressed. It seems like I become more productive in it while I need to get lost in the many stitches, and when I do I forget about everything that worries me and after a while I feel much better.
So once again, this time knitting has been an aid. There are many things that knitting will never replace nevertheless the comfort of gradually creating something stitch by stitch with the simplest of tools -yarn and needles- is so therapeutic and more than this, it brings me great joy. I hope that whichever craft you do, may it be knitting or something else, it brings the very same it does for me.

I will soon post pictures of my three recently finished knitting projects. In the meantime here is a picture of the one I am working on right now.

It is good to be back at this blog.

Thanks for reading.