domingo, 29 de agosto de 2010


What a month! Time flew and spent most of it setting myself up for a long trip. Kind of a leap of faith thing that I am so glad I did.
Among the many things I did was being able to finish three projects: two knitting ones and a crochet one. Above is a picture of one of them taken from Interweave's Fall 2009 issue: the "Berry and Bramble Cardigan" knitted for my mom.

The second project was finishing my "Wild Aster" project taken by the "Cottage Lace Cardigan" from Interweave's Weekend 2009 issue. I started it while living in Toronto and finished it in Mexico. I named it Wild Aster because during last year's fall season I got to know that flower in Canada. I liked knitting this project and I only took time to finish it solely because I was too busy knitting other things. The Noro yarn gives it such a lovely feel and texture. I love it.
The third project is a crochet one, Julia Vaconsin's "Big Bow Cardigan" that I enjoyed working on although the instructions given at Interweave's Crochet issue Winter 2008 were not entirely correct and basically I had to crochet it with a measuring tape next to me. I liked the results and was happy to see that it fitted well on me because I was worried it wouldn't!
I like its design. Sort of a combo between cute and fashionable.

So after a very tiring and long trip back and forth from Italy to Mexico I am looking forward to finishing more delayed projects........and starting new ones!
I hope to be back in Italy someday. Don't know where destiny will be taking me next.

Thanks for reading!