viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2009

Back to the Sun.

So I am not only back in the country where the sun shines everyday, but also back into blogging again.
Do you know the feeling of being in a rollercoaster not really knowing where your feet are? well, this is the way I can resume the last three months spent in the country of the maple flag, my surrogate country: Canada.

I wish to thank my friends who have been close to me and who helped me figure out things while I was challenged everyday. To you all, my most sincere thanks.

Now that the rollercoaster has stopped and I feel like I am back with my two feet stepping strong on the ground I can only be grateful for the experience and the lesson. This life of mine where the unexpected awaits me on every door keeps on challenging me, teaching me and hopefully making me stronger and wiser ("never forget the lesson" as the Dalai Lama says!)
So, just like getting off a rollercoaster I got off a plane last week into something familiar, welcoming and so very missed.

Without going into details my experience way up north was nothing of what I expected it to be, with the good and the bad. This can both give you the thrill of the surprise but sometimes can also stress you out in an unecessarily degree.

To those who love drifting through life following the wind that comes their way and just take off like me, I know you'll understand what I am saying here: life is about constant change and it is so very brief; it is just a question of having enough courage to close a door an open another one.

I don't know where the wind will take me now but I know it will be again challenging and so very exciting.

In the meantime.................there is so much to knit!

Thanks for visiting.