miércoles, 1 de julio de 2009

Ending June.

So June went by and I had no time to post here. I was planning to do so when I would finish another knitting project. I finished the knitting project, made the pictures, kept the top in the closet......but never came up with the time to post about it. (Ooops)
So here it is now, an all cotton top for the warm summer days.......if only it would stop raining in Mexico City! Don't you find it sometimes frustrating that you start up a project with the intention of finishing it just in time for a particular season and then the season goes by and you still have not finished? or on the other side, that you do manage to finish it and then the season is nothing like you thought it would be? Well, there is always nexy year :(

One good thing about June is that I finally came up to baking some favourite cookies of mine. I found the recipe in one of the mexican cooking books I posted about before and eventhough I had to make some slight alterations, the results were excellent. These are the "gorditas de masa", a type of cookie made with maze flour, sugar, one egg, baking powder and shorting. What I added was some water, as without it, it would have been impossible to make the cookies.

If you ever find yourself in Mexico City and visit the Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe, you'll see that these cookies are sold there. A childhood memory of mine I am happy that I finally found the recipe. Yes! :)