jueves, 22 de enero de 2015

I am back again!

Well, "being back" is just a way of saying in this case that I took a little break as I virtually had no time to post here at all. I am at a new chapter in my life and like any new and exciting challenge, I barely had time for much else. I have certainly started the biggest adventure of my life and I am very happy!
So now things are starting to adjust little by little and coming back here to post and share my fiber related projects is always a happy thing for me to do.
I recently learned a new crochet tecnique that has caught my total attention and it is Tunisian Crochet. I took a course over "Craftsy" with Jennifer Hansen as the teacher and I am hooked. Above is a picture of my first project after crocheting small washcloths. I really like its results because it is my own design.
I am very happy to be back here as it can be quite motivational for me to write about what I love to do the most: create with fibers.

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