jueves, 12 de julio de 2012

A door closes and another one opens.

So this time I want to comment about a hobby of mine: Cross Stitching. I wonder if the same has happened to you but from the first time I started I became a fan of it. I have been enjoying it for some years now and learning every step of the way. The picture above is of my first project. Yes! I know it has taken a while to finish but it is not the only one I am working on, anyway, it will always remain my favourite because it is special. I am almost done with it!

I just think of the many hours put into it, which have been hours of my life in different moments and circumstances, how can it not be special?

Still talking about Cross Stitching I wanted to share with you something that may interest to mostly my mexican visitors, especially those living in Mexico City.
Yesterday I went to a very renowned yarn production industry/ store in Mexico looking for a knitting machine and was very disappointed as it seems these items are already in extintion. I bought my first and only knitting machine from these same company years ago, a beauty of a knitting machine imported from Switzerland: a Passap, and was hoping to find other options in the machine knitting world. Anyway, my visit there closed a door but opened another one as they have taken great effort in setting up what I think is the best Cross Stitching store I have found ever. The array of imported patterns is huge and as a fan of this beautiful form of embroidery, I was absolutely delighted.

I bought a second cross stitching pattern to go with one I owned before (the winter owl purchased in the States) and a lap and table stand. They carry a wide variety of tools for Cross Stitching, Felting. Knitting, Crochet, Bargello and Rug making. The place is "Hilos Omega" located in San Antonio Abad, Mexico City.

In the meantime I will keep my search for another knitting machine!