lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2011

End of November.

It is almost the end of November and want to open this post by sharing a significant picture of the place where my great grandparents and grandparents lay to rest. The Day of The Dead is quite special in Mexico and is full of respect and reverance to those departed. I was able to make the trip out of my city to visit this place and was happy to see it in full bloom by the many flowers that adorned the place, especially the "Cempazuchitl" flowers that were "Flowers of The Dead" for the Aztecs. Such flower is known as Marigold in other countries.

Still talking about flowers here are three more pictures of the newest roses blooming in my garden. The Elizabeth Rose:

An Orange Rose:

And finally my "Hechicera" (Sorcerer) Rose:

To end this post, here is a picture of my latest project finished. My "Praline Tunic" that took me forever to finish at its' stitch -a St st all the way- would become pretty overwhelming after a while. I am happy with the results and the fact that I did finish it after all!

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More coming soon!