jueves, 18 de octubre de 2007


Hello Everybody,
It is now the turn to write a bit about color, particularly color in Mexico. Have you guys ever noticed how vivid color can be in my country? The first time I realized how color was different in other places of the world is when I started travelling abroad. It never occured to me but I always thought that the intenstity of color was the same everywhere. I was very wrong.
Color is something you grow up with. It surrounds every aspect of your life and once you are confronted with the way other cultures view color you realize that no matter where you go, you will always see the world according to the colors that were always next to you.
Here is a little example, it is a picture of the church infront of my house. A flower arrangement was setup at it's main entrance because of the October festivities (Saint Francis of Assisi). I love it.

Now talking about color and knitting I should say that green color has always been a favourite of mine. In fact, I used it to knit my first ever knitting project back in 1996. I taught myself to knit, it was rather easy as my dear grandmother taught me how to crochet at age 6, so knitting came natural. I copied a model from one of my mother's old time knitting magazines, a "Bettina" magazine from 1968! I only decided to make the sleeves a bit short. I used a very nice english acrylic yarn, I thought it was the easiest type of yarn to start knitting with. I was not wrong and the color has never faded.

I still keep the magazine, it is amazing how some models still seem to be contemporary.

Now here is another picture of yet another green sweater I did a year ago. It is my "mint" oversized cowl neck sweater that is so soft and comfortable to wear, preferably with a belt, so it does not drop. It is my own design and I used a mexican boucle yarn, 100% acrylic. Finally, I am about to end another green project that has taken sometime to be concluded. The problem is that I got the yarn in Switzerland some years ago and almost at the end realized that I needed a bit more. This is the problem when you buy yarns abroad and even more so when the design is your own like this one is. I have only one skein left and still need to do small (very small!) sleeves. It is a summer top so I am not worried, the yarn is a 100% cotton. I should finish this project soon as it was left for a while in my knitting basket waiting its turn.......anyway it was lovely to see it decorate my room with its lovely green hues! :)

Hasta Pronto!