miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010

I Love Italy

I had the most amazing time in Italy last September and eventhough my time over there flew incredibly fast, what I experienced was so wonderful. This time I mainly enjoyed the Veneto Province and was able to visit again one of my favourite cities ever: Venece.......and I had such a fun time there!
This is me enjoying a Spritz Apperol at St. Mark's Square. The first picture above this one is of one of the most beautiful churches I have ever visited: The Church of Saint Anthony of Padova where you can kneel infront of His remains if you are devoted to Him. I am and it was such an honor. The church has this Medieval-Venetian style that blows your mind! If you happen to be at Padova someday, don't hesitate on visiting this church and the whole monastery. It is gorgeous!
This is one of the canals of romantci Vicenza.......oh, what a City and what a promise! It is not as big and wide as Padova, but it still has the feeling of a city, which I like very much. Below is a picture of the City taken from Monte Berico, where the church of the Patroness Virgin of Veneto, la Madonna di Monte Berico, is. Another gorgeous church!

So, the end of my summer was mainly the promise of another life change for me. I am so very, very excited!!

Soon more postings!