miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2012

Love Crochet!

Just wanted to share a picture of my last finished project. It is entirely worked in crochet and I loved the results and fit. Still, the best part of it is doing it......crochet is so relaxing, you hardly feel you are working on it and very soon you discover you are almost done with a project!

Now I just have to wait for Autumn to style it! :-)

Start Spinning!

So a few months ago I bought Maggie Casey's DVD "Getting Started on a Drop Spindle". After watching it I must say I was inspired to take my spindle and start spinning right away. The uncomplicated way she explains the basics for a beginner like me gave me enough confidence to very soon give my first try at it. I sincerely recommend this DVD to anyone insterested in this beautiful craft.

So why spinning with a spindle? well, because I own a spindle made in Canada from Leclerc (picture above) that has been sitting in that basket for some months; because I own a cotton plant (a bit next to the spindle at the picture); because recently my aunt who owns sheep gave me around 10 kilos of pure wool; because I love yarn; and last but not least, because I do not own a spinning wheel -a dream that I hope to fulfill someday soon!

When I am confident enough to present my first spinned yarn, I will post about it!

On other things, I recently visited family out of Mexico in the State of Queretaro, and while staying at a hotel with an insite gallery, I found a very rare book. It is about weaving in the State of Oaxaca, and not surprisingly, the author is an american: Judith Lockhart-Radtke. It is a beautiful book about the lives of indian weavers in Oaxaca. It is a signed book by both the author and the photographer so I was happy to add it to my collection.

The women weavers of Oaxaca always amaze me!

So life goes on, it is always important to keep the mind busy and also spend time doing what you love.

Thanks for reading!