viernes, 5 de octubre de 2012

I love what I do.

"The Plan of the Master Weaver"
Author Unknown
Our lives are but fine weaving
That "God" and we prepare,
Each life becomes a fabric planned
And fashioned in "His" care.

We may not always see just how
The weaving intertwines,
But we must trust the Masters hand
And follow "His" design.

For He can view the pattern
Upon the upper side,
While we must look from underneath
And trust in "Him" to guide.

Sometimes a strand of sorrow
Is added to "His" plan,
And though it's difficult for us,
We still must understand.

That it's "He" who fills the shuttle
It's "He" who knows what's best,
So we must weave in patience
And leave to "Him" the rest.

Not till the loom in silent
And the shuttles cease to fly,
Shall "God" unroll the canvas
And explain the reason why.

The dark threads are as needed
In the Weaver's skillful hand,
As the threads of gold and silver
In the pattern "He" has planned.

miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2012


So August 2012 is starting and I am at awe to see how fast time flies. Just a few months ago it was a brand new year and now that the second half is already on its way I cannot help but to think about the turns, challenges and surprises Life always has for us. These past two months have been full of turns for me and I am glad that things are finally settling down. A certain steadiness helps to keep things in balance, be at peace and reset for what comes next. It is also the best environment to conclude projects like the one above and below these lines. Both are personal knitting designs of mine where machine knitting, hand knitting and crochet are involved.   

And continuing with challenges, a dream job of mine has come to my door and I cannot be more excited. Indeed things happen for a reason. Life is good!

Thanks for visiting!

jueves, 12 de julio de 2012

A door closes and another one opens.

So this time I want to comment about a hobby of mine: Cross Stitching. I wonder if the same has happened to you but from the first time I started I became a fan of it. I have been enjoying it for some years now and learning every step of the way. The picture above is of my first project. Yes! I know it has taken a while to finish but it is not the only one I am working on, anyway, it will always remain my favourite because it is special. I am almost done with it!

I just think of the many hours put into it, which have been hours of my life in different moments and circumstances, how can it not be special?

Still talking about Cross Stitching I wanted to share with you something that may interest to mostly my mexican visitors, especially those living in Mexico City.
Yesterday I went to a very renowned yarn production industry/ store in Mexico looking for a knitting machine and was very disappointed as it seems these items are already in extintion. I bought my first and only knitting machine from these same company years ago, a beauty of a knitting machine imported from Switzerland: a Passap, and was hoping to find other options in the machine knitting world. Anyway, my visit there closed a door but opened another one as they have taken great effort in setting up what I think is the best Cross Stitching store I have found ever. The array of imported patterns is huge and as a fan of this beautiful form of embroidery, I was absolutely delighted.

I bought a second cross stitching pattern to go with one I owned before (the winter owl purchased in the States) and a lap and table stand. They carry a wide variety of tools for Cross Stitching, Felting. Knitting, Crochet, Bargello and Rug making. The place is "Hilos Omega" located in San Antonio Abad, Mexico City.

In the meantime I will keep my search for another knitting machine!

lunes, 4 de junio de 2012

Everybody loves to Knit.

Wanted to share this picture with you all: The Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret knitting! How lovely is that?

miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2012

Love Crochet!

Just wanted to share a picture of my last finished project. It is entirely worked in crochet and I loved the results and fit. Still, the best part of it is doing it......crochet is so relaxing, you hardly feel you are working on it and very soon you discover you are almost done with a project!

Now I just have to wait for Autumn to style it! :-)

Start Spinning!

So a few months ago I bought Maggie Casey's DVD "Getting Started on a Drop Spindle". After watching it I must say I was inspired to take my spindle and start spinning right away. The uncomplicated way she explains the basics for a beginner like me gave me enough confidence to very soon give my first try at it. I sincerely recommend this DVD to anyone insterested in this beautiful craft.

So why spinning with a spindle? well, because I own a spindle made in Canada from Leclerc (picture above) that has been sitting in that basket for some months; because I own a cotton plant (a bit next to the spindle at the picture); because recently my aunt who owns sheep gave me around 10 kilos of pure wool; because I love yarn; and last but not least, because I do not own a spinning wheel -a dream that I hope to fulfill someday soon!

When I am confident enough to present my first spinned yarn, I will post about it!

On other things, I recently visited family out of Mexico in the State of Queretaro, and while staying at a hotel with an insite gallery, I found a very rare book. It is about weaving in the State of Oaxaca, and not surprisingly, the author is an american: Judith Lockhart-Radtke. It is a beautiful book about the lives of indian weavers in Oaxaca. It is a signed book by both the author and the photographer so I was happy to add it to my collection.

The women weavers of Oaxaca always amaze me!

So life goes on, it is always important to keep the mind busy and also spend time doing what you love.

Thanks for reading! 

lunes, 23 de abril de 2012


A few days ago I learned that the first star to come out at night is called "Vesper".
It is a windy late April evening and while writing these words I see the Vesper star with all its glory next to a crescent moon through my studio window. How beautiful this is. I wished so many things while looking at it, and in a way gave thanks for the opportunities given.
Life is a continuous learning experience and also so full of surprises.
What matters in the end are not so much the experiences in itself but how you deal and grow up after them and still enjoy Life.

martes, 31 de enero de 2012

New Year.

The passage of Time.

The thought of time always takes front stage when a new year begins. Our mind remembers what was done or not during the past year, and enjoys dreaming and making plans for the new one. Facing such "blank page" can be both exciting, but also challenging.

There is always something else: knowing that time flies and sometimes it goes faster than expected, especially when you have been around for a while!

I never make New Year resolutions, but if I was asked to I would simply say "be happy and try to make my loved ones happy too". What this entails is having both freedom, care and responsibility into doing what is necessary to achieve it.

"Seize the day", fueled by my natural inclination into starting new projects all the time, may that be sewing, weaving, knitting, painting, etc. In the end it all comes to "I still wish I had more time to do all I want!"

So, I am setting free this plea out to the universe:

Grant me more time to love, time to learn, time to breathe the air and hear birds singing, time to laugh, time to sing, time for silence, and time to pray.

Wish you all a fantastic 2012!

.......and what a great way to start the New Year? New books to fuel my creative thirst....bliss!