martes, 28 de junio de 2011

June 2011

Hello again! It is almost the end of June and this month has been a very meaningful one. Time is a healer and during this period I have learned many more things about me. Life is always full of surprises and June has been no exception. I definitely look forward to discovering what comes ahead in the next months.

The above I think is one of my favourite pictures of the month. It was taken late in the afternoon when rain was starting to fall. Out of coincidence I looked out the window from my studio and saw a couple of birds staying very close to each other underneath the protection of a planter at the front terrace. I immediately thought "if that is not an image of love I do not know what it is". I immediately took my camera!

And still speaking about love, you will all agree with me that the way it can be expressed is infinite. I was very fortunate last May to be in Assisi, Italy and finally realize a life long dream of mine. Every corner of it was so beautiful and walking through its little medieval streets was a continuous inspiration. Of the many expressions of love that I encountered two impressed me in a more personal way. I am talking about the few but outstanding examples of spinning and needlework done by a woman who lived only for love: Saint Clare of Assisi.
On the museum located underneath the Basilica di Santa Chiara you can see an example of her needlework and handsewing skills in a night gown done by her. Of course, she never holded anything so lavish.

And perhaps the example that stunned me more was the little spinned ball of cotton yarn exposed there. It is said that throughout her life she continuously spinned and would send cotton yarn to different convents, abbeys and monasteries to be used for knitting.

Complete surrenderness to the service of others. That was Saint Clare's way of loving life.

And now coming back to present times, as promised, here are some pictures of the knitting projects I am working on. The first one is a crochet shawl to be gifted to a very good friend of mine in Italy. It is done in Broomstick Lace Pattern and I am enjoying it very much.

The following picture belongs to my Pumpkin knitted pullover/ dress. As you can see I am almost done, still working on the pattern but very soon will be just working K1 P1 for the long neck. The coming picture will be of it totally finished!

Thanks for reading and keep on expressing yourselves through your crafts!