sábado, 28 de mayo de 2011


Hello Dear Readers, it's been a while....

It is an easy relaxing saturday afternoon and finally feeling at ease I can say that I have been "unraveled". Many times, hopefully the least of them, Life puts us under situations that pretty much feel like being unraveled and there is no stopping of it. The worse part is that it is out of your control.
What I have been through for the past 10 months is comparable to one project I started knitting last October that I named "Pumpkin". As I started knitting it, it soon became my favourite project. I could only dream of the many wonderful experiences and joy I would get while wearing it, when it would be finally finished. At first, I kept a steady pace and soon was able see it start becoming something beautiful (at least in my eyes). Then for reasons out of my control, I would have to put it away for some time -there were more important things to attend, it seems- and although I kept coming back to it, I knew I was losing that steady pace. Then the day came when I had to put it away because there was simply no time (or interest) to keep on knitting it, the many hopes and dreams of exciting experiences while wearing it finished vanished infront of my eyes. This way it was kept for months inside a box, together with my knitting needles.

The good news is that such sweater did not go through the unraveling, but I, the knitter did metaphorically speaking. After being once a "favourite project", very soon I became neglected and then unraveled by deceit and heartbreak.

Time to start taking up my knitting needles again and rediscover the exciting (for me) knitting project that my life is.

I will post again when my "Pumpkin" sweater is finished. Turns out this particular project will be after all a memorable one, because by finishing it I will reinvent it and with it, I will reinvent myself.

I am at Home again.

Thanks for reading.