viernes, 28 de marzo de 2014

New projects.

Every time I hear the phrase "New Project" I get very excited. The perspective of starting a project that will offer numerous lessons and that will be part of my thoughts and dreams for a particular period of time up until I finish it is quite thrilling. There is nothing like the touch and smell of that first ball of yarn that will be your accomplice on that first step we knitters know as "casting on". Yes, you got it, I belong to those people who need diversity, who need to be working on more than one project because I tend to get easily bored if I am just working on one project at a time. Many times I have tried to "discipline" myself into just focusing on one project at a time only to discover that it will invariably end up piled in a knitting basket and neglected from time to time. So finally one day I stopped at trying to be someone I am not and gave in to the tuoe of knitter than I am. I never looked back: the whole giving myself the chance to cast on a new project and discover its initial magic is a lot of fun and eventhough it will perhaps take me a little longer to finish it as I am knitting several at one time, I always finish them and always remember how fun it is to work on them when I want! Are you like me? Don't ever stop your restless hands and somehow tie them if anybody tells you you need to "discipline" yourself. What matters is to have fun and enjoy your crafts, no matter if you are working on one or several, or if you finish one fast or take to long to cast off. Just enjoy it! 

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