miércoles, 6 de marzo de 2013

Nature's Bounty.

So we are enjoying Autumn! My favourite time of the year in Mexico where days are not so hot anymore, there is almost no rain and the soft sun paints everything around with a particular orange color. Days start to be shorter and it all gives you the idea that the year is ending, that it will soon be the time to plan special meals and that it will be another birthday for me. I can probably say that this season goes well with the melancolic part of my personality: the year is coming to an end. The above picture is of the fantastic pumpkins we get from the US at this time of the year. I can't wait to use them in my cooking!

During this time I have been reading the first book of a series of books about the Tudor Queens by Jean Plaidy, an amazing writer. Of all the Tudor Queens my favourite of them all is Catherine of Aragon, or like we know her in Spain: Catalina de Aragón. I think she is a woman who could have been a saint, because she truly lived her life as a saint. Always challenged since early age by numerous situations either in Spain or in England she was a woman who never lost the very essence of who she really was eventhough it meant suffering disgrace and mockery from many who never cared for her or took time to understand her. Daughter of one of Spain's most renowned queens, Isabel de Castilla, she inherited her courage and immense faith in The Lord and His Catholic Church. I certainly recommend this first book of a series that promises a good read. Probably because I have Spanish blood, because I am Catholic and because I have experienced living abroad and not always be understood, I relate to her. She was also an amazing embroiderer and it is thought that she took hairpin lace to England from Spain.

Below is a picture of another sweater designed and worked by me both on a knitting machine and by hand knitting. It was a challenge not only because of its design but because it was an adaptation of a pattern made by Adrienne Vittadini with another type of yarn, another set of instructions and other knitting tecniques. I drafted the whole pattern to my size and I was very happy with the results. It is one of my best creations so far.

This other creation was taken out of Interweave Crochet magazine. I used a different type of yarn as opposed to the one required by the designer. The yarn used is a 100% peruvian alpaca and even the hook used is slightly bigger. I adapted the instructions to my size and omitted some of the finishing techniques suggested. I like the final result. The vest fits me perfectly and I just love its color. I named it "Cherry".

I will be soon posting again with pictures of my most recents knitting projects.

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Zia dijo...

How gorgeous are they??
And they fit you perfectly!
Fantastic job indeed.