domingo, 31 de enero de 2010

End of January.

So January is almost over........the first month of the year gone and I am a bit behind my "New Years Resolutions".....well, at least the most important things are covered: trying to stay optimistic and healthy. The rest can wait!

So to celebrate the first month of 2010 (keeping optimistic!) I ran to take advantage of the great sales of the season and decided to get some new kitchen appliances: a new mixer, ice-cream maker and meat grinder all from Kitchen Aid. Yes! I am so happy and can't wait to start using them.
I say, are ice creams expensive where you live? This is the reason why I decided to get myself one: I don't like to be ripped off just because I enjoy having ice cream from time to time. One of my favourites has always been Pistaccio ice cream, and here in Mexico a one scoop of such flavor is half the worth of 500grams of ham. Is this right? I don't think so. So I already went to the market and got my pistaccios to make some ice cream.
Have you ever tried making ice cream by hand? I have, a chocolate flavor, but I nearly ruined my hands.....well at least it turned out fine. My second attempt was after trying a flan recipe from a friend: she told me to mix milk, two eggs and an excessive amount of mango to make up a flan, of course it was a mess and so I added some more cream and eggs and ended up enjoying mango ice cream for more than a week.......but that was it: I needed the ice cream maker, so I will wait until the sun decides to shine out Kitchen Aid mixer's color? (you guessed right Zia) citron. :)

So now about my other passion besides cooking: knitting. I am almost about to finish a pullover that started many months ago, I think by April. Shame on me! but I have many reasons why it has taken me so long to finish it: I moved to Canada, then there was something about this pullover that I did not like: the "gatherings" at the front which in my knitting ended up being holes. I am a few rounds away from finishing this "Gathered Pullover" from Interweave Knits (hurrah!) and hope that when I try it on for the first time those holes won't bother me. has been so cold in Mexico City that I could use another sweater!

Happy Knitting to you all!

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Patrizia dijo...

A citron coloured mixer in the kitchen - how modern and pretty!!

Yes, the yummier the ice cream is, the more expensive it is! We can easily get cheap ice cream here in Australia, but of course it's not as nice as the more expensive one.
I congratulate you on your beautiful new appliances. :)

Now, I look forward to seeing your completed gathered sweater...
waiting, waiting, waiting...

Zia :)