sábado, 16 de enero de 2010


I wish you the very best for this New Year!
It is funny, there is always so much to do during the holidays and suddenly everything is over and we are now at mid-january. Time flies!

So, unless you are living in the southern hemisphere, I hope the winter has not been to bad for you. I am currently in Mexico but have to say that the low temperatures of 5oC or lower during the early hours of the day are horrible to take especially when it is rare to have heating in houses in my country. After having a very cold weekend last week I was happy to enjoy a bit of sunshine today and actually see a butterfly (picture above) in the garden. There's been lots of rain, combined with low temperatures. These past days though no rain but a lot of wind.......february is around the corner!

So after a busy season and cleaning my house out of any 'Xmas decorations, I decided to pick up again a project that has been waiting its turn for a while. Everything was going smooth until a horrible mistake showed up:

so now I am unraveling each stitch down to almost 20 rows.........so before I end up being frustrated and keeping it for another year (yes, I should be ashamed), in the meantime I started knitting the sleeves of the "Gathered Pullover" from Interweave magazine that is also waiting to be finished:
so far it is enjoyable.........I am still not that used to knitting with double pointed needles.

Since my last post it has been a bit of a rollercoaster period for me. Don't you hate it when something that was going well suddenly changes and you are then left with the frustrating sensation that you lost your time? I am thankful for the lesson but now I am just sad because I got a bit hurt. C'est la vie!

Well, even if knitting gets a bit frustrating it never hurts! :)

A big embrace to you all!

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ladyr dijo...

Ciao cara Marie.
Prima di tutto voglio farti gli auguri per il nuovo anno e per i cambiamenti che, mi sembra di capire, ci saranno nella tua vita.
Ti auguro col cuore di riuscire ad ottenere cio' che ti sei prefissato
nel modo in cui lo desideri. Non lasciare che gli eventi negativi abbiano il sopravvento. Purtroppo le delusioni non mancano mai, ma dobbiamo trovare sempre la forza di andare avanti con convinzione.
Per quel che riguarda me, anch'io sono in procinto di affrontare dei cambiamenti molto importanti che influenzeranno la mia vita e quella delle persone che piu' mi sono care, quindi capisco i tuoi sentimenti.
Un grande in bocca al lupo!
A risentirci.