martes, 18 de septiembre de 2007

A New Season and a New Technique.

Autumn, my favourite season of the year. A time when the soft sunlight reminds me that the end of the year is close but there is still time to achieve some goals. This season also puts me in a particular state of mind that brings fond memories back. I feel lucky that the rainy season in Mexico City has still allowed the sun to come out for my enjoyment!

To celebrate the season I am almost done knitting a short sleeved sweater that is a clear reminder of autumn, not only because of its colors but because I bought the yarn during autumn '06 in beautiful Switzerland. When I am done knitting it I will explain a bit more about the project. Anyway, just when I am about to finish it I encountered a new technique, one that in my many years of knitting had never heard of before: "Wrap and Turn". Interesting technique I should say, one that will allow the cowl collar not to become stiff when I bind the stitches off and will add a soft edge to my project. Check out for a clear instruction on how to achieve great results with it.
Here is a picture of my almost-done project (hopefully tonight!).........

.....and of my basil plants I got as a gift from my aunt this weekend. They are also enjoying the autumn sun like me. BTW have I ever mentioned that basil is not at all an ingredient used in mexican cooking? Yes, mexican cuisine, with its wide variety of spices and herbs does not include basil (!!)

See you soon!

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Akiko dijo...

Un gusto en conocerte! Felicitaciones por tu blog...espero que podamos compartir mas de nuestro gusto por las fibras :-)...He puesto tu blog en mi lista pa' que otras tejedoras lo puedan visitar...Me encanta poder conversar con tejedoras latinas - pues por aca no hay muchas y me da nostalgia ;-).
Un abrazo y a ver si planeamos un knit-along!