martes, 30 de agosto de 2011

Ending August 2011.

Hello again, I start this post by showing you a picture of my new cotton plant. Yes! the Coyuchi plant that likes the weather in Mexico City. I was thrilled to see the new cotton flowers growing each day. Another reason to get a spinning wheel now! :-)

So, I promised my next posting would be to show off my "pumpkin" pullover finally finished. Yes! and I am thrilled with it. Although the project literally "eats" yarn, I enjoyed the results. I do, however suggest using yarns with a bit of a mix either of synthetic or artificial fibers as this project has a tendency to becoming heavy at the bottom due to its weight. Now I just need to wait for the winter to come!
It feels so good to finally close a chapter with this sweater; and closing it with a positive feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction on a personal level.......yes, going beyond the sweater now. I am writing a new chapter in my life now and I am quite happy.

My next comment is about Lebanese food. Have you guys tried it? It has been among my favourite ones since a long time and I was fortunate to find a Lebanese cuisine recipe book here in Mexico City. It was written by the grandmother of the owner of a Lebanese restaurant close to my home, the "Emir". The recipe book is very good and I already enjoyed a recipe from it: "La Cocina de Ventura".

And finally but not least, I show you now my Empress Rose, isn't it beautiful?

Hope to be finishing another two more projects for my next posting here.

Happy Knitting and thanks for stopping by!

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