miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010

I Love Italy

I had the most amazing time in Italy last September and eventhough my time over there flew incredibly fast, what I experienced was so wonderful. This time I mainly enjoyed the Veneto Province and was able to visit again one of my favourite cities ever: Venece.......and I had such a fun time there!
This is me enjoying a Spritz Apperol at St. Mark's Square. The first picture above this one is of one of the most beautiful churches I have ever visited: The Church of Saint Anthony of Padova where you can kneel infront of His remains if you are devoted to Him. I am and it was such an honor. The church has this Medieval-Venetian style that blows your mind! If you happen to be at Padova someday, don't hesitate on visiting this church and the whole monastery. It is gorgeous!
This is one of the canals of romantci Vicenza.......oh, what a City and what a promise! It is not as big and wide as Padova, but it still has the feeling of a city, which I like very much. Below is a picture of the City taken from Monte Berico, where the church of the Patroness Virgin of Veneto, la Madonna di Monte Berico, is. Another gorgeous church!

So, the end of my summer was mainly the promise of another life change for me. I am so very, very excited!!

Soon more postings!


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Owen dijo...

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I love Italy too!

My wife and I were in Assisi on Christmas day 2011. It was a perfect time to celebrate the birth of Christ in the loving atmosphere of St. Francis and St. Clare.

We are so interested in the living example of needlework that shows so tangibly the love and care with which St. Clare worked. What could show it better!

I have spent quite a while this morning looking for a photo of the night gown St. Clare made. I finally found it your blog! Thank you for posting this rare and beautiful image.

I am not sure if you can help me or not, but some close up detailed images of Clare's needlework would be so helpful to us in getting a better understanding of St. Clare as she actually lived and saw things through loving eyes eight hundred years ago.

It is not my place to say this, but I will be bold and ask if you could post a larger image of the night gown or perhaps some detailed shots of the exquisite needlework at the neck, down the front and the large panel at the bottom.

Thank you,

Washington, DC

marie c. dijo...

Hi Owen, thanks for visiting my blog! The picture I posted is actually the only one I have of that nightgown. They were taken behind the thick glass and getting a closer view was difficult as also th nightgown was not facing the public! Anyway, if I find some info about St.Clare's work over the web I will post about it on my blog, hopefully you will visit my site again. What a beautiful Christmas you must have had in such a special place! Happy 2012!

marie c. dijo...
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Owen dijo...

How lovely to think you and I got in contact across thousands of kilometers solely because of our shared appreciation of St. Clare's delicate exquisite needlework.

Was your photo reduced in size from your original in order to easily upload it to the web? If it was, then possibly somehow I might get a copy of the original full sized file since it will show fine detail better if parts of it are enlarged.

While in Italy, my wife, Dot, and I also visited Portofino which is just as beautiful and lovingly cared for as Assisi. I can't help wanting to tell you about it.

Thank you again, dear Marie.