viernes, 22 de febrero de 2008

Finally some peace.

It's been a while since I have made a post here, but now I am back!

These past months have been quite hectic basically because I moved. OMG! it was exhausting having to move again in less than a year and anyone who loves having yarns around understands my frustration when everything had to be packed again.

Oh, but soon enough I have started unpacking and while setting things up around my home I managed to finish a scarf made to match with the cherry beret I did some months ago.

Too bad days over here are so hot, I will have to wait for the next winter to use it!

See you soon!

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Patrizia dijo...

Welcome back Marie!

Well you've certainly been a busy gal, haven't you? Thankfully it's all over and you can now concentrate on your crafts enjoyable.

Yes I like the purple yarn too, but my favourite is the pink yarn and the photo and it looks so much prettier in real life. I'm not sure what I will be knitting with it, but I'll certainly enjoy thinking about it - ha!

My sister Rita is well but always busy with life. I have told her that her audience probably misses her blogging. I will pass on your message to her, thank you. :)


Patrizia dijo...

your crafts enjoyable?? I meant your enjoyable crafts! Oh boy... :)

Patrizia dijo...

Yes Marie, I am exactly like you and have a few different projects on the go. I would get very bored if I only had one!

I hope you are having a wondering week too. :)


ladyr dijo...

Hallo Marie!
Nice to see you back. I've been "away" too, but I got your message from Patrizia.
I know what moving's such a pain, and what a big confusion!!! But now that you're settled things will be back to normal.
It's really amazing how short winter can be over there. Actually this winter here in Sicily has been one of the mildest I remember. Imagine that most of the flowers in our garden such as roses and some daisies haven't stopped blooming since last summer!
It's a pity you won't be able to wear the scarf, but there's always next winter, right? ;)